Recep Ivedik 5

Hunger Games

(Turkish Film with English Subtitles) While offering his condolences to the widow of his recently departed friend Ismet, Recep Ivedik is saddened by her predicament and decides to help out. Together with Nurullah, they take the road to finish the last contract taken by her late husband, bus driver Ismet. Thinking that it will be a short trip, Recep finds out too late that the contract is about transporting a group of young athletes abroad to an international sports competition. Things get complicated when team members face a serious misfortune and Recep is forced to take control. Deciding that only way out of this is by winning at the events, Recep tries to handle everything with his unique methods, causing all kinds of hilarious results. This fifth adventure of Recep Ivedik character, created by Sahan Gökbakar, is ready to meet its audience once more as a peerless comedy adorned with fun and entertainment.

Running Time: 114mins
Cast: Sahan Gokbakar, Orkan Varan, Deniz Ceylan
Release: 06 Jun 17