Cakallarla Dans 5

Hunger Games

Our jackals go on separate ways for the first time in their lives because they were released by the court on the condition that they stay away at least 100 meters from each other. As days go by in sorrow and separation, Brother-in-law Gökhan’s life drastically changes with some news he receives. Leyla, a 17 year old young girl who is the fruit of Gökhan’s one night stand from years ago, pops up. As Gökhan tries to get used to this, he gets another shock. Leyla has a rich, snob boy friend named Sinan, who has some bad intentions. Gökhan has no other choice than make his daughter break up with that boy. Our crew breaks the ban and comes together again to break up Leyla, from her boyfriend Sinan. And so they set sail into a fun, action and laughter laden adventure.

Running Time: 118mins
Cast: Sevket Çoruh, Ilker Ayrik, Murat Akkoyunlu
Release: 03 Jan 19