Surkhi Bindi

Hunger Games

Rano (Sargun Mehta) grew up dreaming of marrying a Prince Charming from Canada just like every other third girl from Punjab does. But soon she realizes that she lacks certain qualities to receive a marriage proposal from Canada as she is not conventionally beautiful, nor is she academically brilliant and neither she has a rich father. All she has, is a talent, which is rather looked down upon in Punjab and that is, she is a brilliant make-up artist. Though the world around her thinks it's an ordinary talent but Rano hopes that this talent would somehow help her someday to get an NRI status. One fine day, unfortunately, she gets sacked from the salon she was working at because a guy misbehaves with her and everyone puts the blame on her. This event agitates her father and as a result Rano is forced to marry against her wishes, to an ordinary clerk Sukha (Gurnam Bhullar). Her world falls apart, as she feels Sukha is the end of all her childhood dreams. What unfolds next forms the crux of the story and depicts how Rano has to fight against all odds to fulfill her dreams. Coming to selected United Cinemas Locations.

Running Time: 131mins
Cast: Sargun Mehta, Gurnam Bhullar
Release: 30 Aug 19